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Low interest rates don’t make housing more affordable.

While getting a lower interest rate loan will reduce a payment in a specific house purchase, the long term effect is simply housing inflation.

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Sacrificing for the Life You Want: An Interview with Christian Dy

Rather than upgrading your lifestyle every chance you get, keep spending low and pay off debt and save for a house down payment.

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“Truing up” Your Personal Values On A Home Purchase: An Interview with Divorce Coach Laura Bonarrigo

An Interview with Divorce Coach Laura Bonarrigo-Choosing a home that reflects values over taste and supports the marriage you’re working to create.

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Is the real estate industry to blame for the mortgage/housing meltdown?

While we are close to returning to pre-meltdown housing values, there really has been little done to punish wrong doing or prevent future scandal.

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Finances and Intentionality in a Home Purchase: An Interview with Michael Palazzolo

Planning for and choosing the right home for your family is an important personal financial chapter in your life. Candid advice on wise choices.

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Living Below Your Means: Interview with Matthew Miglin

Spending too much on a home purchase is the fastest, easiest and most common way people find themselves living beyond their means.

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Personal financial fitness, Choice and Intentionality in Home Buying. Surviving The American Dream: Stacey Powell of

Candid advice on the financial side of home buying from Stacey Powell of . Saving, down payments & hidden costs.

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There’s more to life than being stuck in a house payment. Becky Wolfe On Paying Down Debt, Income Properties & Financial Freedom

Becky Wolfe On Paying Down Debt, Income Properties & Financial Freedom. Pretty houses are nice, but how do you really want to live your life?

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Budgets, Accountability & Values: Interview with Life Coach Elizabeth Farrell

It’s easy to get lured into searching for the nicest house you can find, but happiness isn’t a purchase. Putting your priorities in order will help.

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Financial planning for a home purchase: An interview with Denise Downey at

How much do you need for a down payment? How much should you borrow? : An interview with Denise Downey at

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