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Home Improvements Are Not Investments

Interesting facts about the true value of home improvements

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Buying a home is not like buying other stuff

Home buyers often begin a home search like the purchase of any consumer product. Why buy a home is the first and often misunderstood step.

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Want to build wealth? Don’t Move So Much.

The financial benefit of home ownership is undermined by our willingness to move too frequently. Stay and let your home become a nest egg.

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Dream Home? It’s Time for a More Meaningful Dream

This whole idea of the ‘Dream Home’ has gone too far. A house is simply one component in living a ‘Dream Life’.

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A New Threat to Housing- Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Upcoming provisions in Dodd-Frank could do severe damage to housing, and the economy at large. You won’t cure cancer if you’re treating syphilis

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The door remains open for financial scandal according to LA Times

Article from LA Times regarding the lack of change in policy resulting from the financial crisis.

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After many years there are still no significant prosecutions on those responsible for the mortgage meltdown

While many thousands have lost their homes and much of their personal net worth over the past 5 years, it could easily happen again.

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Is America’s Wealthy 1% to Blame?

The wealthy are not to blame for unfairly manipulating the system. Although those that are responsible are wealthy. So who is the culprit?

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