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Sacrificing for the Life You Want: An Interview with Christian Dy

Rather than upgrading your lifestyle every chance you get, keep spending low and pay off debt and save for a house down payment.

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“Truing up” Your Personal Values On A Home Purchase: An Interview with Divorce Coach Laura Bonarrigo

An Interview with Divorce Coach Laura Bonarrigo-Choosing a home that reflects values over taste and supports the marriage you’re working to create.

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Is the real estate industry to blame for the mortgage/housing meltdown?

While we are close to returning to pre-meltdown housing values, there really has been little done to punish wrong doing or prevent future scandal.

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How much is that house really worth? Appraisals in the Home Purchase Process

Understand the appraisal process and its importance when buying a home. Understand why the appraiser is there and how they help you.

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Happily Ever After: Finding the right home at the right price

All too often home buyers treat a home purchase like any other consumer product and choose a home that undermines their own happiness.

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You Can’t Buy the Life You Dream Of

The life you imagine can happen – but it can’t be bought

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Homebuyer Priorities: Focus on the Things You Can’t Change

There are qualities of a home you can change and others you can’t. You can upgrade the kitchen but not the neighborhood. Buy wisely.

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