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Homebuyer Priorities: Focus on the Things You Can’t Change

There are qualities of a home you can change and others you can’t. You can upgrade the kitchen but not the neighborhood. Buy wisely.

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Making Our Homes a ‘Nest Egg’ Again

Looking at how home ownership directly affects retirement savings.

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Real Estate Is Not Recovering…

When you consider all the forces working in the market – activity doesn’t mean recovery.

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The Correlation Between Home Values, Price Appreciation And Income

Essentially housing has become overpriced compared to the local markets’ ability to afford it

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Have Low Interest Rates Been Good For Real Estate?

A closer look at the impact of interest rates on the value of housing.

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Home: An Appreciating Asset Filled With Depreciating Stuff

Take the land away from the most elegant of homes… and you basically have a trailer that will lose value over time. Spend wisely on the stuff.

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Buying a home is not like buying other stuff

Home buyers often begin a home search like the purchase of any consumer product. Why buy a home is the first and often misunderstood step.

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Want to build wealth? Don’t Move So Much.

The financial benefit of home ownership is undermined by our willingness to move too frequently. Stay and let your home become a nest egg.

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Dream Home? It’s Time for a More Meaningful Dream

This whole idea of the ‘Dream Home’ has gone too far. A house is simply one component in living a ‘Dream Life’.

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